adidas – you will see more and more sensors in more and more clothes

Measuring world-class performance. Professional sports teams such as AC Milan, Chelsea FC and the New Zealand All Blacks are currently trialling the new state-of-the-art adidas MiCoach Team Elite System to track on-field data in real time. Since 2010, adidas have been working from their independent research facility, the Innovation Lab, to discover ways of integrating technology into their sportswear. With Team Elite, adidas have redefined the future of sportswear with a game-changing solution known as performance clothing.


Wearable technology. A fabric-like wire is woven directly into a breathable base layer garment to monitor players’ body activity. Tiny sensors in the wire are fitted around the shirt and connect to the hub of the MiCoach system known as the ‘cell’. The cell measures the heart rate, power, speed, acceleration and field positioning of players during training. The data is then transmitted to the MiCoach iPad application for coaches to use during each training session to individually monitor the performance, movements and health of players.


Sooner rather than later, you will see more and more sensors in more and more clothes. And not just in sports, in everyday life as well. – Matt Hymers, Project Manager, adidas


Who’s using it? In 2012, adidas struck a deal with the American Major League Soccer to use the MiCoach system for all competitive games – the first instance of ‘smart football’ in the history of sports. adidas believe that in the next three to five years all professional football teams will be using the technology and there is even talk of using this data in live TV broadcasts for future games. With this technology available very soon, we will use our favourite sport clothes to monitor and improve our own health and training.


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