Whenever I spend the day or evening with Adela I find out so many stories, we laugh so much and yet I remain so blissful.

Adela studied law and interior design, is a successful business woman and mother of two boys who love swimming and are great at it, surrounds herself with art, is passionate about creative writing and traveled the world discovering cultures, traditions and exploring their spirituality. From the first moment I met her I loved the fact that she is passionately curious about so many things.

The event started at 6pm and ended at 2am. We talked from interior design and feng-shui to life design and personal and professional explorations. About making a more with less, about choices, about what represents us, about words, about seeing language and messages as gifts. About finding the time in today’s world when it has become a pride to say how much we work, how little time we have and how little we sleep.

About covering our needs but nurturing our passions. About keeping a clear identity in our individual space, about making peace with time, about about the fact that if something is truly important for you, you will always find and make the time. We talked about truth and cultures. About the fact that we just express the same things in a different way.

About limitations, about the fact that we set our own limitations by acknowledging, labeling and accepting them. About the fact that every time somebody sets a new record, immediately after lots of others beat the previous record and come close to this new one.

About pilgrimage. About amazing stories and examples of people from several countries and continents like the Tarahumara running tribe that runs with the ground not on it, like you would swim with the water not through it.

About the power of language and how people need more and more words to express what they want to say. About Einstein’s quote that our mind can take us from A to Z but imagination everywhere. About how important are the people and the environment you surround yourself with.

All in all, it was an evening of stories among old and new friends and lots and lots of laughter…

Photo Credits: Monica Marcov, Video: Inversee, Additional photo source: Atelierul de miracole