2014.09.18 – RS Event

At more than 80 years old, Sanda Budis is an enchanting person. In her memoirs – “The Daughter’s Mother and the Father’s Daughter” she presents not only the events of her life, but also those of her family and of her country – Romania.

The name of the book comes from the fact that she experienced Romania first as the daughter then as the mother, since she lived for many years in Switzerland which became her second home. Being the daughter of Alexandru Budis, General in the Romanian Army, Professor and Author, Sanda experience pages of history that are unimaginable to us today. The daughter, Sandra Pralong, comes back after the ’89 Revolution in Romania as President of the Soros Fundation, dedicating her work to the new Romania.

With her charming personality and contagious optimism, Sanda manages to present hard facts about history and life events in a way that takes you from laughter to tears and then back to a smile in only a couple of paragraphs.

I already read and loved the book, so when Sandra told me that her mother is going to come to Romania for one week in September the fact that we had 3-4 days to organize the event didn’t matter.

Sanda represents a world of beliefs, values, thoroughness. Her vitality, strength, beauty, spirituality, sensibility and her humor make her and her stories irresistible.

It is amazing how much she loves Romania. For me the event was like a book: an avalanche of feelings. It is so amazing to get the chance to meet the author of a book so concentrated in facts and emotions.

I re-read the book this week and I feel spoiled for getting to understand so much more from each page, to live it so much more intensely…

All in all, coping with so many curious minds and rather her slowing down for us to catch up from time to time was truly inspiring. Thank you!

PS: If you want the book, here is the edition in Romanian.

Photo Credits: Inversee