Here is a great guide by Geneva:

The perfect holiday wardrobe is simple, adaptable and streamlined, and these Grana silks are perfect. Because nothing looks as good as carry on luggage feels… Right?

The guide is pretty simple and laid out in the diagram, but here’s a bit more detail for you. Obviously when planning your suitcase other rules still apply (so make sure to think about culture, climate and colours), but the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 formula is a natural progression on from this for this of you who, like me, like to be mobile.

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Rule

5 Tops
Choose 5 flexible and adaptable tops which go with all the other pieces you’re taking with you. A couple of silk camis (or perhaps shell styles or a silk tee if you prefer to be a little more covered) are the perfect foundation for a huge number of amazing outfits. These five include outerwear (which is fine for your summer holiday), so chose a piece that will get you onto the plane and through any chilly evenings in style.

4 bottoms
Throw in 4 bottoms including shorts, skirts and jeans (the spread will depend where you’re going). Make sure to go with complimentary fabrics and colours – I love a soft pair of silk shorts that can be worn to the beach or with a heel for a more evening look.

3 Dresses / Rompers
Dresses and rompers are the easiest pieces to throw on, although they do limit your mixing and matching options, so stick with a maximum of three of these. For these pieces, you’ll want to make sure they suit the colour palette of your accessories like your bags and shoes, as that’s all you’ll be wearing them with.

3 Pairs of Shoes
Shoes are where a lot of us become unstuck when it comes to packing, but the trick is to pick very, very wearable shoes that go with everything you’ve packed. When travelling you’ll want to opt for more flats than heels, sometimes I don’t even bother with heels at all and just take an extra pair of more dressy flats.

2 Bags
For bags, you’re going to want a large bag that will act as your travel one (backpack or tote is good) when you’re on the plane or wander the markets, and have another smaller one for evenings and when you don’t want to carry too much. Pick these in two different shades, and match each with a pair of your shoes.

2 Bikinis
If you’re heading on a summer holiday you’re going to want atleast two bikinis (but not too many more than that), so that you have choice when one set is wet.

1 Hat, Watch and Sunnies
Stick with one of each accessory, . I take a couple of pairs of sunglasses, but in reality only ever wear one or two so try to limit those – it’s less to lose!

For underwear, socks and jewellery, feel free to throw in as much as you can manage, squeeze them into your shoes the other gaps in your luggage!
Happy Travels!

Images by Stephanie Teng. This post is by a pair & a spare in collaboration with Grana.