Lady Gaga’s Fashion is going Tech with Studio XO

Merging technology and fashion. Studio XO are best known for their digital couture and interactive emotive audience experiences and they inhabit the grey space where the worlds of science, art, technology and the human body collide. The innovative stage costumes the likes of Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and JLS wear are at the forefront of a movement that is about to take the clothing industry by storm. Behind these outfits is Nancy Tilbury, an innovative designer dedicated to revolutionizing the fashion industry. Her company, Studio XO, is looking to change the traditional perspective of how we wear clothes by merging tomorrow’s clothes with technology.


Gaga about clothing. Along with co-founder Benjamin Males, Nancy worked with the Black Eyed Peas to create interactive costumes that emitted different colour lights in sync with the stage choreography. Their success led to Studio XO becoming an integral part of TechHaus, Lady Gaga’s creative technology enterprise, and they have since been commissioned to work on a number of unique projects for her 2014 ARTPOP campaign.


One day we will wear the surface of the computer on our bodies. – Nancy Tilbury, Creative Director, Studio XO


Personalised clothing. Studio XO are developing their ready-to-wear clothing line XOB which they intend to launch during 2015. Studio XO’s ambition is to reduce the amount of clothes in our wardrobes, without losing the passion for fashion. XOB will allow our future clothes to change shape, cut and colour depending on your preferences and fashion trends. Studio XO believes this would enable us to digitally subscribe to fashion content and create playlists for our bodies making fashion more in line with digital entertainment platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Pinterest, effectively democratising fashion with what she calls the “Tumblr of the body”.


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