The beauty of beginnings rests in letting your mind explore the wildest possibilities ahead. And wild it was. 2013 so far? A roller-coaster of emotions with passionate conversations over endless coffees and late night debates about means of expression.

Today, May 23rd, we organized a first event.

The plan? Take all the individual discussions and bring them in one place. Get together with friends and discuss ideas for the future in a jazzy, serene space.

And then the storm! This morning started with me receiving a phone call from Raluca saying it is going to rain so we need to move the event inside. We decided to meet at the location earlier to make sure everything is in place, still calm. However, this completely changed on the way because of all the blocked streets and fallen tree branches …of course we had to choose the day with the biggest storm of this spring in Bucharest!?!

Tonight though, I feel completely grateful for the storm stopping one hour before the event, for the lovely ladies that joined us against all obstacles, for the insightful conversations, the beautiful space and the large smile that still hasn’t left my face.

There were so many shared stories that midnight surprised us without even realizing how time passed by…

Location: Oksana Beauty Center (Putul lui Zamfir Street, Bucharest) 

Catering: Romana Rista, The Girl that Cooks with Flowers 

Photo / Video: Inversee