An outfit comes to life when it’s worn, while in the same time transforming attitudes and postures. A beautiful form of art, the one that follows you every day wherever you are, the one that should cater to your best features and express your personality.

The change easiest to make last, with instant impact over the day to day life, the natural first step to take in a change towards a more authentic, artistic lifestyle.

We worked with designers and stylists to introduce business women to the story behind the scenes of being a stylist and fashion designer.

A two-step transformation of unique, authentic fashion styles. 1, meeting the Designers and Stylists in the event. 2, a visit at the favorite atelier for a personal style talk.

We spent the 3rd of October at Maison 13, one of the most beautiful locations Bucharest has to offer. Located near the Gradina Iconei Park, at Dumbrava Rosie Street, no 2.

The event started with a video story of what happens in the ateliers of fashion designers, revealing afterwards a room with creations especially made by the artists of the evening for business women. The whole experience was designed to function as a conversation starter on style and expressing unique individual personalities.

The modular passages and room set-ups, the Designers at the event, all worked into creating special moments and even new friendships…

Photo credits: Monica Marcov Video: Inversee