8am in the morning and we’re shopping for lots of fruits plus the other ingredients on Romana’s list for Arts & Tarts (“T’Arts”). We’ve already left two stores without any supplies on pomegranate and we’re now heading to Romana’s place to meet the rest of the girls and start our cooking adventure.

We’ve decided to actually cook the tarts ourselves as tomorrow’s 8th of March gift to the Revolution of Senses ladies of 2014 and a nice way to spend the day for the team.

Ok, so, in theory, you would imagine 3-4 hours and lots of tasting delicious food. What actually happened was 11 hours of cooking for rookies since none of us ever cooked a T’art before in our lives, some pain for the ones who actually wore heals for the day, and Romana coping with everything, even cooking an amazing pasta lunch for all the tired petite sous-chefs in her kitchen.

I could write entire pages about the adventures of the day, but let’s go back to Romana’s story. We know each other for a couple of years now, working on Revolution of Senses events together or me having the joy of tasting her recipes in other contexts…

As one of the most passionate and intense Chefs I’ve met so far, it’s not hard to imagine that tasting what she creates is a unique experience.

The name of “The Girl that Cooks with Flowers” comes from how she was first remembered as. A corporate woman cooking for passion at the time, she appeared a couple of times on a TV show, presenting several out-of-the-box recipes and finishing the plate as a personal preference, quite often, with flowers. So after several viewers called asking for the contact details of “the girl that cooks with flowers” this branding just naturally spread.

She is one of those stories of leaving a multinational career to follow a passion. It seems natural and easy, but I can tell you the hard work and consistency put behind her passion are amazing.

Have a delicious spring!

Photo credits: Monica Marcov, Cooking credits: Romana Rista