This week we visited Irina Markovits and talked about what a Style Session is like, about the questions we should ask ourselves and about the steps to make for the wants that want to embark the journey of changing their style. Here is what she told us.


I believe what really drives me is not related to beauty. I would rather say it is about knowledge, about information, because when a woman knows herself really well, when she has a larger horizon, either we are talking about understanding what suits her best, or about diversifying her life (not living in a mundane routine), that woman will be able to evolve, and even more, to develop consciously.


..why do I dress the same every morning? ..why do I feel I have no outfits to wear in this wardrobe so full of clothes? should I dress at my age, now that my silhouette changed? often should I update my wardrobe? could I dress differently? ..what is the style that represents who I am?


2 positive consequences: there is a sudden clarity, meaning you understand better your clothing choices and you see in a new light your wardrobe, you build your outfits much more easily, you have more insight when shopping, you will look at yourself in the mirror more understanding and tolerant, which matters a lot, when you have more discerning regarding your wardrobe choices you are more relaxed..

The shopping experience, or the whole getting dressed every morning experience, is not as stressful as before because you actually know from the beginning what to eliminate in order to dress properly, elegantly, feminine..

After you go through a complete fashion styling session you are much more secure with the way you dress and this confidence after a period of time starts to be noticed: you start having more courage regarding the way you dress, you start wearing clothes, colors, accessories, either more, either very different from the ones you were wearing before..

In fact this creates a virtuous circle, not a vicious circle, in which the more confident you are, the more change you desire, the more color you wear, the more daring you are, and, you know, each step forward only brings more certainty that you are making things the right way.


A fashion styling session has several steps. We always start with a friendly talk, I have to get to know you, I need to understand the reasons why you want to change, I have to understand also the place where you are now, the way you dress now, how much you care about your image, how much you are interested in style, to what degree you are open to change, and it matters a lot for me to explain to you what happens in a style session because it is never like we see in the movies, or in the make-over TV shows where somebody comes to your house, throws absolutely all your clothes away, and in a day or two, “poof”, you have a magic wand and you look totally different.

Reality is very far from this cliche because change can happen, but first of all, there is a process. It will never happen over night. At a fashion styling session, we start by talking about the way you look right now and the stylistic possibilities you have.

A change in image at a wardrobe level will be noticeable immediately, even from the next day after the fashion styling session because one of the major components of a style session is that I will eliminate from your wardrobe everything that does not suit you. Besides this, we will build together many outfits that are “different” from what you already have in your wardrobe, which means that already starting the following day, if you follow that advice, you will already begin to notice that you are starting to dress differently.

A very big change theoretically should happen after a month and a half. After a month and a half, if you begin, if you exercise dressing differently, if you look at yourself in the mirror a bit differently, if you are more conscious when shopping, change will be visible.


A first piece of advice would be, think about your style as a journey.. Think about what you want to become, think about what your destination is.. Depending on this your journey can be a little easier because you can search for some milestones, certain outfits that you feel really well into, that represent who you are, or you can find some characters that don’t need to be necessarily from the fashion world, you can set some stepping stones, and you can understand how to put this into perspective.

Another piece of advice would be that absolutely everybody can be stylish, can gain a unique style. Life, in this moment the life of all women is extremely agitated, it requires us to play a lot of roles and we end up somehow forgetting about us, only that it’s enough to make some detail exercises every day that will repay you on the long run, and this means changing everyday the pair of earrings we are wearing, not to wear everyday the same lipstick, not to wear jeans 3 consecutive days, to create totally different outfits because actually the everyday little changes are the ones that in a while will be noticeable in the big change.

I would like to see women dress more colorful – the street is very dark, and then maybe because of that we want a little bit to stand out, to be visible, to live in a different way.. I also think that our interior glow can come out, can be seen from the outside through sequins, through red, yellow, prints.. Our sparkle will not be seen through black..

Did you think about how you want to look like in 6 months?

Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures of the day:

Have a stylish year!

Photo: Monica Marcov, Video: Inversee