28 November – a Thursday evening spent in great company, at AnnArt gallery. We discussed topics like art as an investment, or the difference between a gallery and an auction house. Still, the most amazing part of the evening were Francisc Chiuariu’s creations and latest collections – The Circle Theory and Shadows.

Francisc Chiariu, originaly from Sibiu, is one of the most significant contemporary Romanian painters, after the fall of the communist regime. A representative artist for the current trends in painting, he studied at the National University of Arts in Bucharest with Professor Florin Ciobotaru, where he also taught from 1993 to 2000.

His creative identity is unmistakable, distinctive by exploring conjunctions between traditional media and unconventional techniques, materials or media. In practice, he combines photorealism with neo-expressionism, acrylic and printing ink, abstract iconography with urban areas.

His works were noticed in local auctions where they achieved strong quotations, but also in exhibitions in Moscow, Tel-Aviv, Liverpool. They are present in private collections in Romania, France, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Africa South.

Francisc lives and works in Bucharest, and since 2011 he is represented by the AnnArt gallery.

About his work, it has often been said that he is one of the most interesting Romanian painters of the last 2 decades. Productive, diverse, dynamic, provocative, bringing novelty through techniques, conquering new dimensions of painting.

The event brought a mix of emotions and intense moments, in a space dedicated to contemporary art. Gabriela Massaci, Director of the AnnArt Gallery was with us.

I will end the recollection of an amazing evening with a couple of her words:

Francisc Chiariu’s art doesn’t have a fixed solution, it has so many meanings, as many as the number of times you look at it. It’s so amazing because it gets us closer to our deep down, internal resources, that we so often keep shut inside.

As for any work of art, the most important criteria is that you have to like it. The authentic rapport between that watcher and work of art, a bit mysterious for some, so intense and emotional for others should be the core of your decision. Sure status and financial profitability are often taken into account, but the joy, fear or the existential thrill that the painting brings out in you is so much more important. This is the force of art.

Art is a source of conversation, of stories, of knowledge… Trust yourselves! Free your imagination!

Have courage in rapport with this mysterious world!

Photo credits: Monica Marcov, Location: AnnArt Gallery, Artist: Francisc Chiuariu, Video: Inversee, Catering: London Street Atelier